The Water Resources Group fosters basic and applied water resources research at the University of Alberta by securing exchange and cooperation among researchers in water resources from different scientific disciplines, by encouraging response of the University to public needs concerning water, and by maintaining a research capability in water resources. Stimulation of public interest and improved communication in water resources is achieved through conferences, seminars, and other activities.

As we began the 21st century water has become one of the main themes of concern. Have we ever lived in a time when on any given day one can read about floods and droughts, and that massive destruction they cause. We tend to vacillate between concern for quantity of water (do we have enough water for what we wish to do) and wondering if the water of proper quality for what we want to do? Sales of bottled water continue to rise, perhaps indicative of the concern people appear to have about water quality. Hence, there is much we can do to educate the public on water issues….that is what the centre is all about. We would love to hear from you David Chanasyk, PhD, PAg, PEng.

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